Structured Education

The bachelors programme is build on business units. These units will be assessed to build up your portfolio.

How our education is structured

During the college year there is one lecture day a week. During the other days of the week, you work or do an internship.

The programme is build on (BTEC) units. Each unit involves 5 days: 4 college days and 1 assessment day.

1 business subject is always central throughout the whole college day, for example the unit ‘Management Accounting’. This way we can go into depth.

The focus during the lecture day is mostly on the theory (Think) since the rest of the week you are already in practice during work / internship (Act). The second, third and fourth day we start the college day with a kick-off-test.

There also always is an assignment with every unit. Here you apply the theory into practice. You will draw your own conclusions and formulate advice with a critical eye. Every college day there is some time to discuss and do some assignment work. There always is a presentation part within the assignment.

At the end of the unit there will be a theoretical exam. Also the student assignment work + the presentation will be assessed.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School

Business Culture

Time is time, a deal is a deal. These are the primary rules at Kronenburgh.

This means you need to be there every college day. This means you need to work on the assignment every week. This means your assignment needs to be finished on the fith day and you will do the presentation.

Within this structure you will be able to finish this fast-tack programme as planned.

Student Corps in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School