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International Business

full-time – BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma – EQF4 – in English – Pre-University / Foundation Year

Is your country too small for you and is the world you’re playing field? Are you interested in cultural differences? Can you quickly establish good contact with people and are you going for a win-win? Do you see export opportunities in the market for new products or services? Do you want to search for the best producers and start importing?

In an increasingly globalised economy, it is essential that students develop a sound knowledge of the key business functions and how they work together, as well as an appreciation of factors including customer and market requirements, competition, sustainability, and economic, political, and technological change.

Is there an international entrepreneur in you? Then start the International Business BTEC 3 Extended diploma program at Kronenburgh International Business School.

This is a university preparation year / foundation year. The BTEC 3 extended diploma gives access to international university’s (and Dutch universities of applied sciences) see the university admission criteria. European Students (EER) can also access the bachelors’ Business and Management at the Kronenburgh International Business School in collaboration with the university of Essex.

Widely applicable within business and further education

In this program students will work on the students employability skills: (1) cognitive and problem-solving skills – using critical thinking, pproaching non-routine problems, applying expert and creative solutions, using systems and technology; (2) interpersonal skills – communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation; (3) intrapersonal skills – self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development.
Students will also build transferable knowledge and skills for progression to university: (1) the ability to learn independently, (2) the ability to research actively and methodically and (3) the ability to give presentations and be active group members.

What makes this program so special?
– Fast track BTEC 3 extended diploma;
– Pre University / foundation year: Best preparation for a bachelor’s degree programme.
– Average groups of 15 students;
– Positive and ambitious fellow students;
– Good balance theory and practice: morning: lectures – afternoon: practicum;
– Assignments under supervision during the practical (so no homework);
– Lecturers who also work professionally in business practice;
– Ability to do an internship abroad;
– The programme is both taught and assessed in English: the best preparation for higher education and international business.
– Also open for students from European countries.

More information on BTEC and Pearson. More information on BTEC level 3 extended diploma in business.

This BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in business (EQF4 full-time) is a 1-year Fast-track program. The program is developed for students who want to be trained as an assistant manager within an international working enterprise or who want to move on to a Bachelor Business and Management program.

BTEC 3 Extended Diploma International Business units

  • Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Decision Making
  • Business Finance + Cost and Management Accounting
  • Exploring Business / Entreprise and Entrepreneurs / Launch and Run an Enterprise / Survival and Growth
  • Intrepreneurship and Innovation in an Enterprise
  • Branding
  • Pitching for a New Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business and Environmental Sustainability
  • Sales Techniques and Processes
  • Investigating Customer Services
  • Managing an Event
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Business
  • Business Internship / Vocational Practice.

This program is open for students (1) from The Netherlands, (2) from Europa (EU / EEA and Switzerland) en (3) from outside Europe that meet the extra criteria, see below. Check the admission options, complete the admission checklist.

Pre education requirements

  • students from international schools after at least 4 years of secondary level 2 / 3 education in the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (2EQF / 3EQF).

Other pre-education can be discussed.

Required level of English

  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level A2 (with good grades, so preferably B1) / PTE 51 / IELTS 4.5 (overall band score) preferable Reading and Writing is 5.5 or equivalent, or
  • Students that have studied in English for two years.

It is possible to do an English level intake test.

Extra criteria for students from outside Europe

  • age of 18 years (on 1 October of the academic year) or older up and until 23.
  • falls within the maximum of students from outside the European Union (Kronenburgh will check the possibilities and inform the student).
  • a residence permit granted by de IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) for 12 months.
  • a registration of the place of residence within the municipality.
  • the English leveltest must allways be an IELTS-test with an ‘overall band score’ of 4.5 (exemption only with a complete pre-education in English).

Admission requirements IND:

– The Netherlands is the most appropriate country to follow the programme
– the study makes a positive contribution to the development of the country of origin
– sufficient means of support (i.e. tuition + living allowance) (€756.45, until 1-1-2022, annual indexation)
– valid passport
– TB test, depending on nationality
– ‘2 out of 3 requirement’:

  1. nationality Indonesia, Suriname or South Africa
  2. family ties with lawful status in the Netherlands resident persons
  3. masters the Dutch language

In the situation that a student who registers does not meet the admission requirements, Kronenburgh will inform the student and enable the student to provide additional documentation to meet these requirements.

In order to be able to compare the education systems in the different European countries, the European Qualification Framework EQF was developed. The  program is rated as follows (see Nuffic):

The BTEC International level 3 Extended Diploma in Enterprise and Entrepreneur: EQF4;


We end each day of lectures with an end-of-day test on the theory of that day. In this way we encourage you to really absorb a piece of theory every day of your lecture. You and the lecturer will also receive daily feedback on whether the theory has landed well or whether repetition or additional explanation is needed. At the end of the unit there is a theory exam.

You will receive an ‘assignment’ per unit. You show that you can apply the theory within a practical case. You will also look for extra relevant theory/literature and you will include a bibliography in your elaboration. You show that with a critical eye you can draw your own conclusions based on literature and formulated advice. The assignment also includes a presentation part. A portfolio of assignments is built up. The portfolio is assessed to determine whether you have obtained sufficient credits to be eligible for a diploma.


Monday 21 August 2023 we will start with the introduction program. We inform you about our education system. We then head to the beach for some team building activities such as beach volleyball and wave surfing.

Start lectures
You can start at Kronenburgh all year round. Good moments are when a new module starts, but often you can also join existing modules. Come by during the walk-in evening and we will discuss the possibilities.

The new academic year 2023-2024 starts on Tuesday 22 August 2023.

Lecture times:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:20 PM.

Lecture day: In the morning you participate in the tutorials. In the afternoon you participate in the practical. During the practical you do all the ‘homework’ supported by the teacher.

Academic year: The academic year consists of 3 periods of 8 lecture weeks (and 1 exam week), followed by a company internship of approximately 11 weeks.
A study trip is planned prior to the company internship.

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  • Tuition fees Kronenburgh € 13,495.-
  • Tuition fees Pearson € 464.49
  • Literature Pearson € 100.-
  • Literature Studystore € 168.-
  • Membership Library € 40.-
  • In total € 14,267.49

Good to know

  • Prices Pearson are subject to exchange rates.
  • Pearson may change prices.
  • Studystore literature is based on previous academic year prices. New bibliographies will not be available until the summer holidays.

Other costs

  • You bring your own laptop. We work with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint (full software versions, so no free or limited versions).
  • You have a representative business suit (Tenue de Ville on Thursdays, during company visits and on request of a lecturer).
  • Additional lecture material/literature may be charged.
  • In the event of a study delay, € 100 will be charged to continue enrolment at Pearson (possibly also at the Top-up university).
  • If sufficient study results are not obtained, there are costs for attending lectures, taking exams and assessments (depending on what is necessary).

Does the government support students?

Kronenburgh is a private college, therefore there is nog governmental school funding. This means that it is not possible to apply for a scholarship / loan system / public transport card for this study program at ‘Duo’. But Kronenburgh is cheaper than most other private business schools, our programmes are shorter and you don’t build up student debt. Also you do not pay a college fee to the government.

After completing the BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in International Business, you can start working or continue your studies. The BTEC3 Extended diploma is accepted by international universities and higher education institutions (in The Netherlands called universities of applied sciences (HBO)). See the university’s admission criteria.

The best continuation offered by the Kronenburgh International Business School, in collaboration of the University of Essex (only access for European students (EER)) is:

More information?

You can:

• call: +31 70 3998806
• mail:
• visit: Tuesday evening > Walk-in evening
• meet online: send e-address and time and receive a ‘zoom’ invitation

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