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International Business BTEC3 for students outside EU (full time) at Kronenburgh International Business School The Hague

The Kronenburgh International Business program BTEC3 is primarily intended for students who want to be trained as an assistant manager within international business or who want to move on to an International Business Bachelor program.

In an increasingly globalised economy, it is essential that international business students have the skills to work across different cultures. This education program combines broad-ranging business expertise with an understanding of cultural differences. You will develop a sound knowledge of the key business functions and how they work together, as well as an appreciation of factors including customer and market requirements, competition, sustainability, and economic, political and technological change. Is the world your playfield? Then register for International Business BTEC3 Extended Diploma (full time) at Kronenburgh International Business School The Hague.

The BTEC3 International Business program (MBO4) is aimed for students in the age of 18 until 22 and is specially designed for students from outside the European Unity (EU). The working language is English. It is also possible to take a Dutch language course.

This one-year program is part of a two-year full-time course. Students from outside the EU can only study in the Netherlands for one year. The second year can be done at a Pearson / BTEC3 school in another country. This is a perfect way to build international experience.

The program also includes an internship; thus also building up business experience.

The Kronenburgh International Business School is located in the centre of The Hague.

General Information

Widely applicable within business
Students can find a job as assistant manager at (international) companies such as international wholesalers, production companies and services. The assistant manager is enterprising and creative in order to implement commercial insights into import and export. The assistant manager works in different cultures and knows how to deal with international laws and regulations in order to achieve sales goals.

What makes this program so special?
– This education program is specially designed for students from outside the European Unity (EU)
– International BTEC3 college program;
– This BTEC3 (vocational education) program is the perfect preparation for a bachelor’s degree. It is a pre-bachelor / pre-university program.
– Average groups of 15 students;
– Positive and ambitious fellow students;
– Good balance theory and practice: morning: seminars, afternoon: practicum;
– Homework supervision during the practical;
– Teachers who also work professionally in practice;
– Internship included;
– English spoken: the best preparation for access to the international higher professional education programs and a position at internationally operating companies.

More information on BTEC and Peason. More information on BTEC level 3 extended diploma in business.

Education level

Study program (in English)

The Kronenburgh International Business Program BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business is comparable to the Dutch education program Assistant Manager International Wholesale Crebonumer: 25133 EQF4.

The program includes the following modules in the first year:

  • Investing Retail Business
  • Exploring Business
  • Investigating Customer Services
  • Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign
  • Principles of Management
  • Managing an Event
  • Sales Techniques and Processes
  • Market Research
  • Business Spanish
  • International Business
  • Cost and Managing Accounting

Business Internship / Vocational Practice.

The program includes the following modules in the second year (at a different Pearson / BTEC3 school) (can vary per school):

  • International Logistics
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • Business Decision Making
  • Human Resources
  • Lean Creatief
  • Teambuilding in Business
  • Business Finance
  • Business and Environmental Sustainability + Social Enterprise
  • Developing an Enterprise Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Business Etiquette

The admission requirements

This education program is specially designed for students from outside the European Unity (EU)

Requirements earlier education

Students after 4 years of secondary level 2 education in the European Qualifications Framework (2EQF) with positive results. This is Vocational Learning / pré university education.

Language requirements

To ensure that students are successful in the Kronenburgh International Business Program in which students are both taught and assessed in English, it is crucial that they have an appropriate level of English proficiency. The minimum requirement is an academic IELTS test with an overall band score of at least 4.5. The student must provide this document.

In the event that the preparatory education was taken in the English language, with a minimum of two years, the student can be granted exemption from this IELTS test. In this situation, the student provides a document showing that the successfully completed prior education was in English.

Other requirements

  • The minimum age of the student is 18 years (on 1 October of the academic year) or older up and until 22.
  • In the Netherlands, the number of students from outside the European Unity (EU) who can participate in the educational program is capped. An admission requirement is therefore that the student falls within the set maximum number of students. Kronenburgh will check the posibilities and inform the student.
  •  A residence permit granted bij de IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) for 12 months.
  • A registration of the place of residence within the municipality.

In the situation that a student who registers does not meet the admission requirements, Kronenburgh will inform the student and enable the student to provide additional documentation in order to meet these requirements.


BTEC3 Education and examination regulations

There is a theoretical exam for each unit. A pass must be obtained for this (6,0).

The modules are also assessed using an assessment scale from Distinction (D), Merit (M), Pass (P) and Unclassified (U). All modules contribute proportionally (depending on the size of the module) to the general qualification level. This and more is described in the Education and Examination Regulations as made available for all students.

Kronenburgh will record the first year results in the Pearson system (The next Pearson / BTEC3 school can add the results of the second year).

In addition, upon completion of the education program, the international student receives a statement (certificate) from Kronenburgh or a fully completed Europass mobility document, clearly showing which competences and skills the international participant has acquired, also refering to the comparable programme in the Dutch education system and European Qualification Framework (EQF).

To get a qualification, the student must complete all modules (1080 GLH), obtain a Pass or higher in all required modules. 180 GLH only allowed in U-class of other (non-compulsory) BTEC3 modules.

Pearson will send the diploma.


Introduction: Monday August 30 2021 we make a start with the introduction program. We inform you about our education system and we go to the beach for some teambuilding activities like beach volley-ball and wave surfing.

Start colleges: Tuesday August 31 2021.

Times: Monday until Friday from 9.00 until 16.20 hours.

College day: In the morning you participate the working colleges. In the afternoon you participate the practicum. During the practicum you will do all the ‘homework’ supported by the teacher.

The college year involves 5 periods of 5 college weeks, followed by a business internship of 14 weeks.

In the first year there is also a study trip planned before the business internship.

College schedule year 1
College schedule year 2

Kronenburgh is a private college, therefore there is nog governmental school funding.

The investments are:

  • College fee per year € 12,495,- (Optional pay in 10 installments € 1.281,-) (College fee includes: registration fee, introduction fee, flight and hotel costs study trip).
  • Study materials: first year € 775,- (based on 2020-2021) / Study materials second year € 580,- (based on 2020-2021) see Studystore (Kronenburgh) for the actual costs. It is possible that additional material will be charged.
  • You bring your own laptop. We work with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint (full software versions, so no free or limited versions)) minimum of 8 ram working memory and usb port.
  • You have a representative business suit.

There can be extra costs in the case the pre-education certificates and diploma’s and language level testresults needs to be valued and checked by for example the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB).

Further education

This one-year program is part of a two-year full-time course. Students from outside the EU can only study in the Netherlands for one year. The second year can be done at a Pearson / BTEC3 school in another country. This is a perfect way to build international experience.

When the two years BTEC3 program has been successfully completed, there are two options:

  • opt for the BTEC4 + 5 program and a TOP-up Bachelor year or
  • choose a Bachelor program at an university.

More information?

You can:

• call: +31 70 3998806
• mail:
• visit: Tuesday evening > Walk-in evening
• meet online: send e-address and time and receive a ‘zoom’ invitation

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