Private school: Kronenburgh

Kronenburgh International Business School in The Hague is a private school. This means that there are several benefits:

Professional lecturers from business, best students, small-scale, fast track, Think – Act – Grow.

Professionals from Business Practice

Our lecturers work in practice in the field they teach. Therefore, they can best tell about their professional practice. Based on their own experience and love for the profession the lecturers will share best practices with you. They see you as a new colleague who will be trained to become the professional the business world is waiting for. So, learning becomes much more interesting supporting the student ambition.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School
Student housing in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School

Best Students

Students at Kronenburgh are ambitious and opt to accelerate their diplomas, are willing to go the extra mile to achieve goals in the future.

It is interesting to be inspired by fellow students.

Our students often come from entrepreneurial families or parents work within business.

The ambition of the students is also clear because they opt for a fast-track programme at a high level.

Because there is a financial investment associated with private education, a ‘natural’ pre-selection takes place. Also, the financial investment stimulates students to show extra effort to achieve their goals.

The selection procedure at the Kronenburgh front door also ensures that students are motivated and come to learn.

Small-scale, Fast Track, Think – Act – Grow

– Small-scale: The number of students per group is on avarage 15. In this way lecturers and students can collaborate intensively during the lecture day and achieve good learning results. Thanks to the small-scale structure of our education, we can monitor that all students develop well, and students feel seen. Lecturers and students know each other. There is a social binding.

– Fast Track: We provide fast-track programs. This can be done by offering more teaching hours, giving more guidance, and paying attention to individual students.

– Think-Act-Grow: Think-Act-Grow is our mission. Structured learning is what students get. From Classroom teaching and working colleges in the morning to the practicum in the afternoon. Learning by doing in order to become the professional the business world is waiting for.

Student Corps in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School