21+ test at Kronenburgh IBS

Do you not meet the admission criteria for the Bachelor’s program? Do you think you can meet the level of the program? Then take the ‘Kronenburgh IBS 21+ test’.

You can take the test when you are 21 years old in the year you want to start the Bachelor on 1 October.

The 21+ test consists of a capacity test and an English language test.

You can send an e-mail to make an appointment: info@ibs-kronenburgh.nl.

Capacity test

We use the test instrument: Pearson DAT for HRM. DAT stands for differential construction test: a capacity test. Employers also use this test in the recruitment and selection of personnel. That is why the name of the test also says ‘for HRM’.

The test covers several test areas: Series of Figures, Mathematics, Analogies, Spatial awareness, Language use, Speed ​​and accuracy, Word image and Practical insight.

We charge € 125,- for participation in the ‘Kronenburgh 21+ capacity test’. You will receive an invoice that must be paid prior to the test.

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English 21+ language test

The English language test focuses on the parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The purpose of the test is to determine your level of English. At the start of the Bachelor’s program you must have at least B1 (average mark 7). Before the start of the second academic year, you must have obtained the level B2. That is why we test as part of the ‘Kronenburgh 21+ test’ at B2 level. Then, after the test, we can indicate whether you will be allowed access to the first academic year and what you still need to do to gain access to the second academic year.

We charge € 99,- for participation in the ‘Kronenburgh 21+ language test’ at B2 level. You will receive an invoice that must be paid prior to the test.

The 21+ language test can be done online.

IELTS course and test

If it turns out that you do not have the correct level of English, we advise you to follow an IELTS course at, for example, the Kronenburgh Language College in The Hague: see www.lc-kronenburgh.nl. Again for achieving a minimum level B1, but of course better: directly achieving the B2 level.

The B2 test, as part of the ‘Kronenburgh 21+ test’, does not grant admission to an English-speaking University. For this you have to take the IELTS test. This is also possible during the first academic year. The level you must achieve is IELTS 5.5; (read and write 5.5). It is even smarter to complete the IELTS course and / or the IELTS test prior to the Bachelor course at Kronenburgh International Business School The Hague.

If you choose to take the IELTS test, the ‘Kronenburgh 21+ language test’ at B2 level can be canceled and these costs will not be charged. IELTS test can be taken at any point of the bltc-testcentre in your country.