Business Internship

(Advanced) Business (Research) project, Assignment work, Relevant (project) work, Job work, Internship agreement, internship Reflection report

This is how the internship is organised ass part of the full-time and part-time bachelor programme.

Learning on the job, implementing what you learned, Think – Act – Grow !

Business Project / Research Project / Advanced Business Project

At the HNC year (Higher National Certificate) there is a Business Project. At the HND year (Higher National Diploma) there is a Research project. At the Top-up year there is an Advanced Business Project.

At the HNC and HND the subject of the assigment is set by Pearson for all students.

The business project is focussed on building your project management skills. The research Project has a more academic focus were a real (small) research is conducted. The advanced Business Project in the Top-up year is to understand the nature of academic research in business and the ways in which it can contribute to business success.

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Assignment work / Relevant work / Project work / At work

Assignment work

Each programme unit has an assignment. In the full-time programme, students work with cases and information that can be found on the internet or other sources. In the part-time course, students can use their company as a case study.

Relevant internship work

In addition to working on the Business Project, students also work in a relevant department. Relevant means that there is a connection with the specialization of the student. So a student with an HRM specialization works in the HRM department of a companie.

Project department work

Students can also do an internship in a project management department in the company. This may be the case in the first year in which the student has not yet been trained in the specialization. Working in the project department is also possible in the other two years.

The internship at work

Part-time students who are employed within a company do not need to do an extra internship as long as they can do their (Advanced) Business (Research) Project. Of course, working in a department that matches the specialization is also the most instructive.

Internship Agreement and Internship Relection Report

The student submits the internship agreement prior to the internship. This document is signed by the student, the Business supervisor and the Kronenburgh College supervisor.

The Business Supervisor is asked to supervise the students during the internship. The Supervisor also helps to enable the student to do the (Advanced) Business (Research) Assignment.

At the end of the internship, the student is asked to hand in the internship report. In this report, the student:

  • describes all internship activities (including the planning)
    reflects on these activities
    reports on the internship hours (full-time 400 and part-time 640 hours per year).

The Business Supervisor reviews the internship.

The internship reflection report is again signed by the student, the Company Supervisor and the College Supervisor.

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