How Business and Kronenburgh collaborate

In recent years, Kronenburgh has collaborated with many companies. Students are doing an internship and work along. Assignments are completed. The common conclusion is almost always: we have a win-win situation. A very valuable learning experience for the student. The company has temporarily had a few extra hands. By completing the assignments, the company has started thinking, new developments have been set in motion, steps forward have been made.

Collaborate / Project Support

At Kronenburgh we say: ‘See our intern, more like a temporary worker. You first have to train the candidate, but after that you do get something in return. For our students, it is most instructive to actually cooperate rather than just walk with someone. Learning by doing is much more effective for both the company and the student.

MBO3-4/BTEC3 Business

Our MBO students are specifically trained for a position within the business community such as Commercial employee, (international) Junior Account Manager, business administrator, junior assistant accountant, (executive) secretary, office or management assistant, legal employee, (online) marketing employee, HR- employee, intermediary, assistant broker, team leader. Students should always be linked to an employee in this job area (ie someone who already does the work within the company).

HNC, HND, Top-up Bachelor

Our students also simply work within the company. In the first academic year, working in a project department is instructive. The student can be linked to a project leader. The student then supports this project leader.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School
Student housing in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School

Assignment work


The assignment that the students make is closely related to the job profiles of Commercial employee, (international) Junior Account manager, business administrator, junior assistant accountant, (executive) secretary, office or management assistant, legal employee, (online) marketing employee, HR employee , Consultant, assistant broker, team leader.

Bachelor HNC HND Top-up

Global assignment

Our bachelor students receive 1 prescribed business assignment. This assignment is determined annually by Pearson for all BTEC HNC HND students worldwide. In 2020-2021 this was ‘Talent Management’. For 2021-2022 this is ‘Transformation in the Workspace’. In short, a topic relevant to every company. In the first year, the emphasis is more on project management. In the second year, the assignment takes on a more academic research character and the translation of the results and conclusions found within the company.

Advanced Business Project

In the third year, the student carries out a larger academic research. Here it is possible to respond explicitly to the wishes of the business community. The research assignment must then fit within one of the following or adjacent management areas: Global Business Environment, Business Strategy, Strategic Human Resource Management, Business Law, International Marketing Strategy, Business Finance.

Report internship

We would like to invite you to collaborate with the Kronenburgh students. Is there room within your company for an internship / internship? Let us know. We ask you to send an email to In this e-mail you can indicate:

  • Company name and your contact details
  • for MBO4 / BTEC3: function within the company
  • for 1st year Bachelor: Name and short description of the project in which the student can contribute
  • for 2nd year Bachelor: Name of the specialization department where the student can work
  • for 3rd year Bachelor: Research question for the Advance Business Project.

We will then post your message on our internship page on our intranet. It is then up to the student to respond to this.

Student Corps in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School
Student sport in The Hague near kronenburgh International Business School

Sports in The Hague

In addition to studying at kronenburgh, you also want to do sports. There are many sports associations with a student department in The Hague. For example, think of Hockey at hockey club ‘Klein Zwitserland, Lacrosse at Den Haag Lacrosse, Rowing with Pelargos, Rugby with The Hague Hornets, Tennis with H.L.T.C. Leimonias, Ultimate Frisbee with Ultimus Prime (UP), Soccer with HVV Football Factory and Volleyball with Sovicos.

Sports and studying are a good mix to achieve results. So you are welcome to study in The Hague at Konenburgh Business School.