BTEC Level 4+5,  HNC + HND in Business

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a two years program. The first year is the Higher National Certificate (HNC). Kronenburgh International Business School in The Hague offers the HNC and HND in the broad (international) business line program build on BTEC units level 4 + 5. This programme will prepare students for further study or work.

Higher National Certificate HNC

The BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business offers students a broad introduction to the business subject areas: (1) Business and the Business Environment, (2) Marketing Essentials, (3) Human Resource Management, (4) Management and Leadership (5) Management Accounting and Finance (6) Managing a Successful Business Project.

So, students will gain a wide range of sector knowledge tied to practical skills gained in research, selfstudy, directed study and workplace scenarios. Students will be able to communicate accurately and appropriately and will develop a range of transferable skills to ensure effective team working, independent initiatives, organisational competence and problem-solving strategies. They will be adaptable and flexible in their approach to business, show resilience under pressure, and meet challenging targets within a given resource.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School
Student housing in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School

Higher National Diploma HND

In the BTEC Level 5 programme students will develop a sound understanding of the principles in Business and will have learned to apply those principles more widely. They will have learned to evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches to solving problems. They will be able to perform effectively in Business and will have the qualities necessary for employment in situations requiring the exercise of personal responsibility and decision-making.

Students will develop key skills, attributes and strengths required by 21st century employers. This refers to five main categories:

  • Cognitive and problem-solving skills: critical thinking, approaching non-routine problems by applying expert and creative solutions, use of systems and digital technology, generating and communicating ideas creatively.
  • Intra-personal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, selfmonitoring and self-development, self-analysis and reflection, planning and prioritising.
  • Interpersonal skills: effective communication and articulation of information, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation.
  • Commercial skills: sector awareness; sales; marketing/promotion; budget management/monitoring.
  • Business skills: awareness of types of companies, company formation, invoicing, calculating fees, business management.

Students can also benefit from opportunities for deeper learning, where they are able to make connections between units and select areas of interest for detailed study. In this way BTEC Higher Nationals provide a vocational context in which students can develop the knowledge and academic study skills required for progression to university degree courses, including: (1) Active research skills, (2) Effective writing skills, (3) Analytical skills, (4) Critical thinking, (5) Creative problem-solving, (6) Decision-making, (7) Team building, (8) Exam preparation skills, (9) Digital literacy (10) Competence in assessment methods used in higher education.

Pearson BTEC qualifications and Pearson

BTEC qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked.

BTECs enable a learner-centred approach to education, with a flexible, unit-based structure and knowledge applied to project-based assessments. BTECs focus on the holistic development of the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School
Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School

How Nuffic values the BTEC programmes

Nuffic is the European organisation that compares the education systems in the different European Countries, see To do this, the European Qualification Framework EQF was developed. The BTEC system is internationally recognised by Nuffic.

Programme BTEC level EQF level Dutch education
Extended Diploma 3 4 MBO4
HNC 4 5 Associate (HBO2 / WO1)
HND 5 5 HBO3 / WO 2
Top-up 6 6 Bachelor HBO4 / WO3

See here for more information about the Nuffic comparison of diploma’s and certifications.