Admission criteria and 18+ test

We welcome National and International students. Here you can read about the admission criteria.

Do you not meet the admission criteria? Do you still think you can meet the level of the program? Then take the Kronenburgh 18+ admission test.

Admission Criteria to study in The Netherlands

Check the admission options, complete the admission checklist.

Students from countries inside EU/EEA

Students from EU/EEA countries are not required to submit a valid residence permit. Submitting a valid copy of your passport or identity card is considered sufficient proof that you are from an EU/EEA country. So register as a citizen with the Municipality of Den Haag (City Hall) or any other Municipality in the Netherlands within 4 weeks after your arrival. More information for students to register in the basic register of the municipality of The Hague.

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA

BTEC3 Foundation / preparation university

Kronenburgh subscribes the ‘code of conduct for MBO students‘ and is committed to good education and guarantees the quality of the information provision and education to international students. Registration is only possible for one year.

Students who do not have a nationality from an EU/EEA country must submit a valid copy of their residence permit or other documents considered to be proof of legal residency in the Netherlands. Proof of legal residency in the Netherlands that will be considered valid are:

  • an authorisation for a temporary stay (‘Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf’, MVV);
  • a residence permit.

It is important to meet deadlines in the immigration procedure to be able to register as a student.

Full-time education within the meaning of the Education and Vocational Education Act (BOL) the Admission Requirements are:

– The Netherlands is the most appropriate country to follow the training
– the study makes a positive contribution to the development of the country of origin
– sufficient means of support (i.e. tuition + living allowance) (€756.45, until 1-1-2022, annual indexation)
– valid passport
– TB test, depending on nationality
– ‘2 out of 3 requirement’:

  • – nationality Indonesia, Suriname or South Africa
  • – family ties with persons lawfully resident in the Netherlands
  • – Dutch language
  • – valid passport
  • – TB test, depending on nationality


Only students from inside the EU/EEA gain access. Students from outside the EU/EEA without a residence permit will not be admitted to the programme.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School

Admission Criteria per programme

BTEC 3 Foundation / pre university year

Pre education requirements

  • students from international schools after at least 4 years of secondary level 2 / 3 education in the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (2EQF / 3EQF).
  • Other pre-education can be discussed.

Required level of English

  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level A2 (with good grades, so preferably B1) / PTE 51 / IELTS 4.5 (overall band score) preferable Reading and Writing is 5.5 or equivalent, or
  • Students that have studied in English for two years.

It is possible to do an English level intake test.

BTEC 4-5 HNC HND Associate and Bachelors

Pre education requirements

  • Dutch education: MBO4-diploma, HAVO-diploma of overgangsbewijs VWO4>5 / overgangsbewijs VWO 5>6 / VWO-diploma,
  • International education:
    • A BTEC Level 3 qualification in Business,
    • A GCE Advanced Level profile that demonstrates strong performance in a relevant subject or adequate performance in more than one GCE subject. This profile is likely to be supported by GCSE grades at A* to C (or equivalent and/or 9 to 4 (or equivalent) in subjects such as maths and English,
    • Other related UK Level 3 qualifications,
    • European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong learning (EQF): level 4 EQF,
    • An international equivalent of the above.
  • Advised:
    • Dutch education: Mathematics and Economics in the curriculum at mbo, havo or vwo.
    • International Education: An A* to C grade GCSE Maths and/or 9 to 4 in GCSE Maths, prior to starting the course.

If the admission requirements are not met, but it is expected that the program will still be successfully completed, there is the option of making the Kronenburgh IBS IQ test. Or first take the foundation year.

Required level of English

  • Dutch education: English in the curriculum at mbo, havo or vwo.
  • International Education:
    • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level B1 with good marks (we prefer B2),
    • PTE 51,
    • IELTS 5.5; Reading and Writing must be at 5.5,
    • or equivalent,
    • Students that have studied in English for last two years.

In case of insufficient mastery, a language course can be followed at the Kronenburgh Language College in The Hague.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School

18+ test

The admission test consists of a capacity test and an English language test. It is not mandatory to do both parts if you can provide evidence that you are already at the right level for one part (ability test or English).

You can send the registration form (see in Word or PDF) to You will then receive an invoice. As soon as the payment has been made, the purchase can be scheduled. Both tests can be taken in one half-day in our college building or online.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School

Capacity test

We use the following capability test: Differential Aptitude Test (DAT) Next Generation. The test consists of three parts: figure series, number series and analogies. These three components together provide insight into a person’s general intelligence. Getting the three scores together in one’s abilities to acquire at the desired level. The 3 parts of the DAT are adaptive. This means that the test will adapt to your level. Your future score will depend on the more difficult questions you have answered.

We advise you to prepare well in advance and therefore to delve into the type of questions.

The test takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

We charge € 125,- for participation in the capacity test.

Legal Residency in The Hague at Kronenburgh International Business School
Student housing in The Hague near Kronenburgh International Business School

English language test

The English language test focuses on the parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The purpose of the test is to determine your level of English. You must have at least B1 at the start of the Bachelor’s program, but preferably you have level B2.

We charge € 99,- for participation in the English Language test. The test takes approximately 1 hour. The test can be made in our building.

IELTS training and test

If it turns out that you do not have the correct level of English, we advise you to follow an IELTS course at, for example, the Kronenburgh Language College in The Hague.

The Kronenburgh English language test does not grant admission to an English University. For this you have to take the IELTS test. This is also possible during the first academic year of our Bachelor programme. The level you need to achieve differs per university: IELTS 5.5 to 6 is often used. If the choice is made to take the IELTS test prior to the start of our Bachelor programme, the language test as part of the admission test at Kronenburgh may be cancelled. IELTS test can be done at any bltc-testcentre in your country.